Sunday, December 09, 2012

Who Needs Door Hangers?

 Door hangers are an important tool in your advertising budget. They sell directly to the consumer, controlling the message and the delivery to get a response directly from the reader. For advertisers whose funds may be limited, door hangers could be the sole source of advertising.

If advertising dollars are a very small part of your expenditure budget, a direct marketing media like door hangers means you're not scattering your shots in an attempt to reach a target audience. Door hangers, when properly used, reach your prospects with pinpoint efficiency.

Virtually any kind of organization can use door hangers direct marketing to sell its products and services. Door hangers are equally effective to raise funds, generate inquiries, call attention to issues, elect candidates, build store traffic or produce leads, even churches find door hangers helpful to let people know they are in the neighborhood. A door hanger bag with a flyer informs people of the location, hours of services, and maybe tells about the child care or teen center. Door hangers actually serve the public as well as the sender.